Novosti sa turnira ‘First Saturday’ u Budimpešti

Rught – Andrey Dokuchaev chessfriend and his mom from Moscow visited our tournament on 9 Oct

Rank after Round 7 – GM group 2-12 Oct 

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtg TB1  TB2  TB3 nwwew-weKrtg+/-
13GMBerczes DavidHUN24445,00,03753,951,051010,5
26IMVypkhaniuk IhorUKR24244,50,5374,53,800,70107,0
37FMSiddharth JagadeeshSGP23364,50,5374,52,761,741017,4
410IMRathanvel V SIND24774,00,02744,38-0,3810-3,8
52WIMDivya DeshmukhIND23053,50,0363,52,061,441014,4
65GMPap MisaSRB23973,00,02733,54-0,5410-5,4
74Ajay Krishna SIND23683,00,02733,20-0,2020-4,0
81GMSeres LajosHUN24093,00,00733,66-0,6610-6,6
99FMSrihari L RIND24142,50,0162,53,15-0,6510-6,5
108FMPapp LeventeHUN24081,00,00713,50-2,5010-25,0

We wish to organize in Budapest a chess tournament series (yearly 11 month long)  called FIRST SATURDAY – XYZ. 

We are looking an XYZ peroon or organisation, who wish to use our worldwide fame and reputation to advertise their chess related 

service or product. 

We wish to sign a min 5 years contract. 

We can give to our sponsors: 

1. Our monthly 16 newsletter possibility, what we send to 4100 chess related perons in the world,

2. We have 20000 scoresheets, where we can put the XYZ ads

3. We distrubute amongst the players yeraly 5000 T-shirts

4. We can put the sponsors’ ad table in the tournament hall

5. We give to the players yearly 1000 ad pens. 

For an intermedier person we offer 10 % from the sponsorship fees for the successful cooperation. 

More Info: IO Nagy, whatsapp: +36-30-230-1914


Dear Chess-players,

If you come to Budapest to play chess, my friend János Bátki tour-guide offers you English sight-seeing tours in Budapest

on your free day. Whoever feels like can contact him even before your fix the conditions.

Email :

Mobile : +36/705873130


We have started our 2-12 Oct First Saturday chess events in the Budapest hotel. 

We have a GM event with 10 participants, an IM section with 6 players ( 5 games double rounds), 

a Nadassy Scheveningen with 3 pairs and an FMB section with 6 player  = altogether 28 players. 

You can follow he event and the games:


GM-IM Nadassy Scheveningen chess tournament schedules in Budapest

15-23 Sept org IGM CZEBE, e-mail:, whatsapp: +36-30-715-2053 

2–12 Oct Org IO Nagy,    –   e-mail:        whatsapp: +36-30-230-1914   

15-23 Oct , org IGM CZEBE, 

Oct 26 – Nov 4, Org IGM CZEBE, 

6-16 Nov org IO Nagy, 

18-26 Nov org: Czebe

4 – 14 Dec org IO Nagy 

14-23 Dec org IGM CZEBE.

26 Dec 5 Jan CZEBE 

2022 year

25 Jan – 3 Febr CZEBE

febr 5-15 FIRST SATURDAY, 

febr 22 – March 3 CZEBE,


17-26 March CZEBE,


15-24 Apr CZEBE,

26 Apr-5 May CZEBE, 


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