Turniri u Budimpešti

We have started our FS Szept 4-14 event in the Budapest Körszálló. 

You can follow the event in the chess-results.com 

In the GM group Mr Rathanvel (IND) has to reach on point from 2 for the GM-norm. 

Ranking crosstable FS GM tmt after Round 7

Rk.NameRtgFED12345678910Pts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMRathanvel V S2438IND*½1111½16,00,0517,25
2IMRaja Rithvik R2483IND½*11½½115,50,0418,50
3Ajay Krishna S2339IND0*1½1½1½4,50,0311,75
4WIMVantika Agrawal2315IND00*1½½½13,51,029,00
5GMBerczes David2452HUN½00*½11½3,50,029,75
6FMSiddharth Jagadeesh2331SIN0½½*0½1½3,00,018,25
7GMPacher Milan2415SVK0½0½01*½2,50,518,75
8GMSeres Lajos2417HUN00½½½½*½2,50,507,75
9IMKrishna Teja N2411IND½0½00½*½2,00,507,00
10FMOngut Tamas Gunes2358HUN00½0½½½*2,00,506,50

IM KRISHNA, Teja (left) – IM RATHANVEL, (right) 

Kitchen room in the BUDAPEST hotel, 9 Sept 2021

The first photo about the tournament hall, Sept 4

Indian chess moms in the lobby

GM-IM and Nadassy Scheveningen chess tournament schedules in Budapest

15-23 Sept org IGM CZEBE, e-mail: attila.czebe75@gmail.com, whatsapp: +36-30-715-2053 

24 Sept – 1 Oct GM tmt Mosonmagyaróvár 300 km West from Budapest,  Org IM BOKROS, Albert, e-mail: bokralb@gmail.com

2–12 Oct Org IO Nagy, www.firstsaturday.hu    –   e-mail: firstsat@hu.inter.net        whatsapp: +36-30-230-1914   

15-23 Oct , org IGM CZEBE, 

Oct 26 – Nov 4, Org IGM CZEBE, 

6-16 Nov org IO Nagy, 

18-26 Nov org: Czebe

4 – 14 Dec org IO Nagy 

15-23 Dec org IGM CZEBE.

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