Novosti sa turnira u Budimpešti

A 2400 around chessplayer is missing 7-17 Aug Budapest

There will be a GM closed tournament FIRST SATURDAY in Budapest 7-17 August. 

Here is the registered list of players, MITTAL today told me he won’t come. We have to replace him. Who does wish to come now? 

August 7-17 GM tmt 
Noname titleELO land 
1. ACZEL, Gergely IGM2542HUN
2. NGUYEN, Huynh Minh Huy IGM2420VIE
4. CSIKI, Endre 2340HUN
5. MITTAL, Aditya IM2438IND 
6. SHAHIL, Dey 2434IND
7. LU, Maximillian IM2386USA
8. MULLICK, RaahilIM2386IND
9. KUMAR, Nikhil FM2302USA 
10. KOELLE, Tobias fM2325GER 
average: 2399,9

We are looking for an FA arbiter to our 7-17 August First Saturday event to Budapest – IA Norm reaching is possible.

More info about the financial condition: IO Nagy Laszlo, Whatsapp: +36-30-230-1914


FM Karthikeyan, Ajay (IND) . 2nd IM norm

GM-IM and Nadassy Scheveningen chess tournament schedules in Budapest

3-13 July, org IO Nagy,    –   e-mail:        whatsapp: +36-30-230-1914   

20-28 July, org IO KORPICS, e-mail: Whataapp: +36-30-951-0063

29 July – 6 August. VEZERKEPZO,  e-mail:, whatsapp: +36-30-715-2053 

7-17 August, org: IO Nagy

21 August – 29 August CZEBE, GM IM Nadassy

4-14 Sept org: IO Nagy.

18-..27 Sept org IGM CZEBE, 

2–12 Oct Org IO Nagy, 

15-23 Oct , org IGM CZEBE, 

Oct 26 – Nov 4, Org IGM CZEBE, 

6-16 Nov org IO Nagy, 

4 – 14 Dec org IO Nagy 

16-25 Dec org IGM CZEBE.

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